Rendition Room

Rendition Room is a publication that consists of photographs and drawings which play with symmetry, repetition and colors. The objects one sees are miniatures, observations and abstract drawings. Made in the summer of 2021 in collobration with Toivo Heinimäki at UTUpress.
The publication consists of 36 pages and 30 copies.
Printed and bound in Helsinki.

Trasiga Telefonen
Trasiga Telefonen (Broken Telephone) is the title of a painting series I made as part of my master's studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The series consists of 10 pictures painted onto canvas and attached to sheets of plywood. The size of each work is 60x90 cm. Year 2022.

The paintings deal with my interest in thought-processes and the imaginative pictures of the mind. I wanted to extract images, or imaginary sightings, and experience them as concrete images. The result are pictures that represent the birth and development of a thought.

As part of the project, I also attempted thoughtography, an attempt at transferring images from your mind onto photosensitive surfaces, a.k.a. photography film. I concluded this experiment using different types of cameras accompanied with certain gadgets. The results were, to the surprise of no one, many black-brown photographs. You can view a scanned version of these images and some drawings related to the project here:Publikation

Civil Service
Series of drawings made during a 4 week camp in connection to completing my civil service. I thought a lot of air planes, horses and Edward Hopper.